12 June 2007


I thought I had uploaded this artwork to Gracenote so none of you would have to worry about a thing... turns out it didn't fully work - so here it is.

Please leave any comments regarding this months CD in this posts comment field...


Matt Cooper said...

This all feels frightninly professional. I'm highly impressed. Well done Mark, you are my hero.


I hope you liked my selection and each learned a little something new. That was a lot harder than I thought, there were so many considerations - I want some new stuff, some old stuff, some rare stuff, some discoveries, some wierd stuff, I want to try and sum up my musical tastes, I want to try and fit it on a CD.

I was having a little search yesterday and found a couple of bands I would have loved to include... that was 5 days after I posted it! Is it my turn again yet? If you're a bit miffed you have to wait a few months (or almost a year) then don't be... Start thinking about it now, things will evolve - I wish I had given myself longer to design and build the CD packaging, that was a few late nights.

I'm looking forward to the next installment - had some nice replies regarding my CD - cheers, get posting on here though - would be great to hear your thoughts.

I'll send around an EPS of the logo soon - doesn't have to be a prominent feature of your design, just thought it would be nice to tie it all in.

Matt Cooper said...

My three favourite tracks

I'm still listening to the opening track by Battles, which is one of the best new bits of music i've heard in a goodly while. Like Yes crossed with Cinematic Orchestra.

I think Regina Spektor is going to be my new girlfriend, because she is excellent. I always like a good bit of piano music.

Which brings me onto the Surfjan Stevens track, another perfect bit on piano work. Very good. How do you pronounce his name? Surf-Jan? Sur-jan? surf-chan?

Good on you Mark. A great opening gambit.

dave underwood said...

thanks... eclectic, challenging, genre hopping... it sets a precedent, and i can assure you i did not want to be the first... i am, however v.glad to be the last... appreciated

dave... melbourne, au

Anonymous said...

- architecture in helsinki
great track from a band still relatively new to me... from melbourne actually... saw them last week in their own backyard- they looked very at home!

- tokyo police club
every year it seems like there has to be a replacement/ equivalent for the strokes (at the height of their powers of course!)... i wonder if they can move past this... good track nonetheless

- sufjan
need i say more! amazing track, amazing album full of great music and a whimsical look down the barrel that is a different america to the one littering the headlines...

mobius band also interesting.... other favourites also appreciated... thanks

dave... melbourne, au


I have asked people to make comments on their 3 favourite tracks on each CD. I am glad some of you have started doing this (Thanks). I thought it would be useful to maybe a comment a little on what I included myself in order to maybe draw out some discussion...

1. Race-In - Battles
I have been interested in Battles for a few years now - they are on Warp and have been producing quite inaccessable EPs for a while. It seems with the release of their first album (and amazing video for Atlas) they have just become that little more hospitable. This stuff sounds like music from the future - but right now. I can't see it getting old ever and influencing generations to come. Apparently incredible live too - Koko in October.

2. WuTang - Aint nuthin t f'wit
I've always quite liked hip hop but find a lot of it gets quite tired quickly - I cant stand most modern hiphop. But when I startd to listen to this first album from the Wu it was raw and exciting and really clever. GZA is a master producer which helps, but I don't think Wutang have been better than on this first album.

3. Junior Boys - In the morning
I can't remember how I stumbled across this track - I think I was just flicking through a magazine and the name cropped up along side some other music I liked so I checked them out. This is a lovely lovely song. I just enjoy listening to it a lot.

4. Soulhack - Forss
When I first heard Forss I loved the sound - almost like the track had been somehow cut up with scissors and then selotaped back together again. It has a DJ Shadow kinda feel to it, but a bit more mature with the jazzy leanings. It took Alexia weeks to find this album for me - and then 3 months for it to come through - a hard one to get hold of but well worth it if you enjoyed it. Cheers Lex x

5. Cinematic Orchestra - Ode to the big sea
Great groove on this song - lovely drum solo. Feels like summer - love sitting outside in the sun to this: cold beer - smell of lamb on the BBQ. Then sat out late into the night chatting with friends - the dream goes on as I listen.

6. Regina Spektor - Raindrops
Apparently I saw RS support the Earlies at the barfly a while ago. I thought she was alright - but got a little tired of her quirkiness. When I heard this song a couple of years later (forgetting I had ever heard of her) I fell in love with her and can't believe could ever of got tired of her. I take it all back Regina. Check out 'Samson' too - had real trouble choosing between that song and this one. Amazing little lady.

7. Arch. in Hels. - Maybe you can owe me
I wasn't sure about AIH when I first heard them - after I had heard the album once, I found I spent most of time humming the tunes after. Now I sing along with a big smile on my face (much as you might do to weezer - the first coupla albums).
Sounds like the band are having great fun and are pushing sound sound boundries. Maybe move to Tilly and the Wall if you ilke this. They have tap-dancing instead of drums!

I've got work to do - will post re. the second half later.