17 July 2007

Circle Jul. Journey

I hope that the cds turned up in good shape.

I hope you enjoy the mix. These tracks became a soundtrack to a recent journey of mine.
As for the artwork, it has two stories. One is to do with journeys while the other is to do with the idea of Circle.

Each circle represents one of us – the overall shape represents our circle, where we live and our geographical relationship with each other. Starting with Mark, his circle grows in size until it reaches the next person on the list, and then their circle grows until they reach the next person. This goes all the way through until Dave completes the circle from Aus back to Mark again. Click on the first image below to enlarge it.




Matt Cooper said...

First question: how do I address members of the Circle? Circlites? Circlans? Ciclicans? Until I know for sure i'm going to go with Circlicians.

Hello Circlicians, in keeping with my previous post Im going to pick my three favourite tracks, in the order they appear:

1. Graining My Skin - Carl Borg
I do like a bit of vaguely glitchy uptempo music, and this is just the ticket. Good music to work to, while at work, when i'm working

2. Guinnivere - Miles Davis
Sort of freeform, sort of exprerimental, sort of rambling jazz. Rivals Eno in its minimalism, sort of like overhearing a conversation between musical instruments who've gone to a bar.

3. Del Fuego - Fat Freddy's Drop (Carl Borg remix)
I'm a big fan of Fat Freddy's Drop, and this is an interesting remix, reminds me of Cinematic Orchestra, who I also like very much. So basically I like this very much. The music to a melancholy flight to mars. Possibly.


Now I've explicitly asked everyone to comment on their 3 favourite tracks I should really do it myself.

In order of appearance:

1. Block Party Intro - Central State Uni Marching Band
Firstly, I love the fact that Jon has pushed things and just recorded off a DVD. Love that. But also it's pretty catchy and funny. I ALWAYS join in with the "Huh!... Huh!".
"BBQ Chicken... for Lunch!"

2. Pocolips No - Stoner, Forss & Borg
This is some nice music to work to - sends my mind off on a lazy river - drifting in a boat, but then kinda builds. Its got a great flow this song... it meanders and weaves.

3. Ease - Hanne Hukkelberg
Her voice has been recorded so nicely - it sounds so crisp and gentle. Nice to hear the oboe kinda darting around underneath. Is this Jazz? I don't know... it seems to have been approached with an ambient electro mindset. Enjoyed it very much.

Nice one Jonny boy.

Just so you know, I am looking at posibly moving this over to www.virb.com... not only should you check it out anyway cos it's an interesting site (Search out Harry and the Potters), but it might offer a better platform to have some chats and display the work.