15 May 2008

Circle May

30 April 2008

Circle April - Jesus Christ on a Hasselblad!

Better late than never...
I hope you are all well, and I hope the album finally reached you safe and sound. I have put the final track list, including the albums, below so you can hunt down anything you like the sound of.

The Stars in Spring
May Your Heart Be The Map

Guero Canelo
Feast Of Wire

Iron & Wine
The Shepherd's Dog

The Venus In Furs
Velvet Goldmine OST

Tiny Tears
2nd Tindersticks Album

Green Grass of Tunnel
Finally We Are No One

All I Need
In Rainbows

Free Money
Patti Smith

Pow Pow / Shave Your Beard
Dengue Fever
Dengue Fever

Blind Melon

Testify (I Wonna)
Strangest Tales

Dance Parties (Distant)
The Distant and Mechanised Glow of Eastern European Dance Parties

Itty Bitty Pretty One
Screamin' Jay Hawkins
I Put a Spell on You

The Equestrian
Les Savy Fav
Lets Stay Friends

Up The Down Escalator
The Chameleons
Script of the Bridge

The Hold Steady
Almost Killed Me

Scattered Black and Whites
Asleep in the Back

I hope these tracks grow on you as much as they have on me.

big al.

25 February 2008

29 January 2008

17 December 2007

27 November 2007

30 October 2007

18 September 2007

17 August 2007

17 July 2007

Circle Jul. Journey

I hope that the cds turned up in good shape.

I hope you enjoy the mix. These tracks became a soundtrack to a recent journey of mine.
As for the artwork, it has two stories. One is to do with journeys while the other is to do with the idea of Circle.

Each circle represents one of us – the overall shape represents our circle, where we live and our geographical relationship with each other. Starting with Mark, his circle grows in size until it reaches the next person on the list, and then their circle grows until they reach the next person. This goes all the way through until Dave completes the circle from Aus back to Mark again. Click on the first image below to enlarge it.



12 June 2007


I thought I had uploaded this artwork to Gracenote so none of you would have to worry about a thing... turns out it didn't fully work - so here it is.

Please leave any comments regarding this months CD in this posts comment field...

11 June 2007


If you haven't already sussed it and discovered your list of contact details and the issued months for your CD publication then have a little exploration of your package. It's there.


Welcome to the CIRCLE

We are a collection of 12 people with a common interest in great design and new music. CIRCLE has been established with us in mind. The idea behind CIRCLE is for you to receive a new compilation of music, in a nice package, every month – a learning experience. Or to put it another way: for us to take it in turns over the following 12 months to compile, design and post to everyone on the list a collection of your favourite, most evocative, soul making, shape throwing tunes.

There are a few rules...
• All music must be on CD – this isn't just about sharing, I want a lovely collection of cool stuff on my shelf.

• When it is your turn to compile you must post to everyone on the list – we all like mail.

Note this is really the only rule that will influence your design – bare in mind you'll be paying the postage.

• Track listings must be clear, preferably with an album name – if I like the song, I'll probably want to buy it – so help me find it.

• No repetition of tracks already compiled – Remixes, covers etc. are all allowed.

• Your choices don't have to be the latest tunes to grace the world. All decades are welcome. Just because it's 50 years old don't mean we've heard it.

• Stay true to yourself – Members have been chosen for their eclectic tastes.

• All members have a list of names and addresses with everyones allocated month. CIRCLE can't be held responsible for what happens in the event of a non-compliance. So comply!

• The CIRCLE is limited to 12 members for a couple of reasons:
- If you are hand-making packaging then a dozen is plenty.

- 12 people sets us up nicely for a year. Upon which members will be reviewed.

If you want to stop being involved then it's up to you to find someone to take your place. That's the only route in... recommendation.

• Please include the logo on your design as it will help tie the set together.

• Include your name so we know who made it.

• Try and send your compilation out by the middle of the month – the sooner the better.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Mark Diggins