1 March 2008

Circle 10 March - March On and Dance!


Matt Cooper said...

i like:

Nina Simone
Fleetwood Mac

i like more than just three songs on this cd. I also like the metronomy cover.

i like the butterfly fastener. i like the colours.

what's not to like?

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I enjoy this whole CD. I had it on my iPod pretty sharpish and then ended up taking a long walk in the sun. I had shorts, I had oversized sunglasses, I wasn't wearing any socks and I had the sleeves of my Tshirt rolled up just a little... and I had this as my soundtrack. That was a good day.

I loved the butterfly fastener too - it took about 10 minutes for me to tame that beast - but is worth it - now alas I seem to have lost it. Sob!

My top 3 are quite easy to choose -

- Chelsea Rogers: Prince
I just keep loving Prince. I think I love him.

- Girl: The Heavy
I checked them out - and it would seem this is a unique track to The heavey, although please enlighten me if I have jumped to this conclusion. This track is cheeky, fresh and loveable. I think I love it.

- Wait a minute: Estells
Man, this is a sexy track. I can't wait a minute. Not one! The track is wicked.. I like the intro and the vocals just set it off - saw them play live on Jools Holland and the drummmer was wicked. Sexy lady. I think I love her.

I think what was best about this was the music all gels together... I can imagine that all l you do when you are at home is skip and clap.