25 February 2008

Circle Feb. - Pop up!



I'm drunk, and I just bought black keys, thickfreakness off ebay. I saw these guys live in Nottingham, and liked them - but this track confirmed my love.

I would also like to mention metronomy and Gonzales. These tracks are wicked - now I am going to try and buy them. I found out about metronomy when I started telling peoiple about Battles and Parts and Labor. So, if you like them, you like the others, etc.

Who can argue with a man called Gonzales? It certainly gives you hi score in scrabble.

Matt Cooper said...

Like an over-familiar friend this is full of nice touches. I imagine this is probably what a constructivist valentine's day card would look like. All angles and creases. Lovely.

The music is a fine selection too. We've not had much dub and reggae so far in the Circle and so its a welcome addition to the ever growing lexicon of music.

The Devendra Banhart track is stunning. I like to imagine him sitting in a tree house while singing this. Or maybe a barn, or a cave.

I have to admit that Bat For Lashes has kind of passed me by. This track is like a chameleon, switching genres and styles almost every 8 bars. A bit of Motown drumming, some psychedelic strings, some beat poetry and a chorus not a million miles from Enya. Mix it all together and against all the odds it works wonderfully.

Final Fantasy get the special mention for the best lyrics i've heard from ages "his massive genitals refuse to cooperate" now there's a sentence that had never existed in human history until this track.

All the dub is proving somewhat ironic as i sit here in frozen London, in the midst of a mini ice age. As soon as summer comes round I suspect these will become a soundtrack to barbeques and impromptu Frisbee situations...

Nice one Ned