18 September 2007

Circle Sept. Who, What, Where?


Jon said...

Circle 04
In a completely dissimilar way to last months Cirlce, which found me in a dark room holding a knife – that's how you kill the hippies you know –this months Circle found me excitedly removing another cd from a jiffy bag and instantly finding a big smile on my face. Not what I was expecting at all.

My top three illustrations for tracks:

At number one: Paul Simon, The Russian Futurists – they have real fur hats!!!

Two futurist are sitting on a hill surrounded by Rulers and loud people, Futurist no.1 turns to Futurist no.2

Futurist no.1: You know what Levidenim?
Futurist no.2: What's that LukakovacfromtvsER?
Futurist no.1: It took over a thousand mink to make this hat.
Futurist no.2: Yes, but that's because they are not very good at sewing...

At number two: Wolf Parade, Grounds for Divorce

The Wolf Parade have never looked so happy with themselves – gay-fully hopping about waving a blue ribbon. They have a new album coming out maybe you have predicated a more optimistic approach to their music.

I listened to their first album over and over again when it came out and it has never got boring or less exciting to listen to, I cant say that for many albums.

Look at me not saying it.

Still, I'm not sure it would make it into my top ten of all time though. Before this I had this image of them prowling around the perimeter snarling at the very idea of a top ten, but now my image of them is a bunch wolves more interested in comparing their sashes than even trying to get in.

Good choice.

At number three: The Sunshine Underground, Commercial Breakdown


One of my Russians hat has fallen off.

Matt Cooper said...

Getting quite into the Knife. Funnily enough a friend recommened another Knife track to me around the same time that I got this CD, and I take it as a good sign when two people recommend the same music coincidentally.

Have a listen to their other albums. And if you like deep synthy kind of things then chaeck out hte Human League and Heaven 17, but avoid the singles becasue the album tracks are more interesting.

But isn't that always the case?

p.s. sorry this is so late

Matt Cooper said...

p.s. Best packaging so far!


Again, great packaging - that must have taken a lot of thought. Well done Morgan. Crafty fingers... thats what I call her.

Top 3:

Secret machines
- I keep hearing the Secret Machines and asking who they are cos I like them... but this has to be my favourite so far. Great song - I am just gonna have to buy this innit.

The Little Ones
- This is a lovely track + I have never heard of them. That pretty much ticks all the boxes for me.

- this is a nice summer track. I like the jarring beats.

My favourite characterisation is Wolf parade... which is also a great track - but as I knew I liked them already they didn't make my top 3.