30 October 2007

Circle Oct. Parquet



Like I said, I'm thinking of laminating mine. Then like Laminated flooring you will have a delicate outside with a hard core centre.

A solid core of 22 tracks this month... I was sure my CD player wouldn't count that high... it did.

Lots of feminine numbers on this CD - an interesting break from the quite male influenced CDs we have had so far.

I like:

Track 4
Track 11
Track 15

the best. Although always tempted by Regina Spektor...

I'll elaborate further when I have the track names infront of me.

Mr Ned Selby said...

I would love to comment, although sadly I have not yet received my piece of floor...

I only hope it looks as amazing as Diggins' stand in artwork.

morgan said...

Ours totally ripped when it got a bit of booze on it...wish i had got my paws on the laminator sooner!

Amy said...

Bah! Tis a delicate thing, oh well - lamination for 2008. I wanted to inject a bit of feminine into the selection so far, glad you like Kills and Feist mark, and Tom Waits is a hero.

Think my favourites are 9, The Noisettes as I've only recently discovered them and love this track, and the way it changes pace. Love 12, the Carla Bruni track. She took a few famous poet's work and put them to music, this is Jonathon Swift. 20 + 21 are two nostaglic tracks - 20 is new but love that it has a 60's vibe and think the story in Elvis' is a homage to another era and it made me smile.



I saw the Noisettes support Muse - they were good. A lot noisier than this track would have you believe.