17 August 2007

Circle Aug. Keep:Share


Matt Cooper said...

Opening up this month's postal parcel I was faced with an interesting dilema: to cut, tear or peel... After a couple of minutes of analysis I had made my decision, and so like a short sighted chimapnzee with a frozen banana I began to slowly peel. I'm quite proud to say that I did manage to get it off in one go, although I imediately realised what a mistake i'd made as it began to re-stick itself to everything in sight. All this fun and I hadn't even got to a CD player yet.

KEEP and SHARE, what a good idea. Spreading circular love outside of the radius, very nice. I hope this has raised the bar as far as conceptual ideas like this go, it makes it all the more interesting.

What next? Sleeve notes!! Everyone should do sleeve notes!!! Maybe its just me, but I do quite like to read something by the author of a piece of work like this. it humanises it, don't you think?

And so to the music. A rather distinctive collection, its fascinating the picture of a person that is painted by they're favourite music. I really enjoyed the jumps from quite heavy industrial/techno/metal to the folk/acoustic/poetic. If I was in a excessively wanky mood I would start using words like 'juxtapositions' and other pseudo-intellectual crap. But i'm from Manchester for god's sake, i'm not going to fool anyone.

The top three was a little difficult this month as there was quite a bit of new music which is still sinking in. It's no surprise then that i've generally gone for bands/artists that i'm familiar with.

In the order they appear on the CD:

Kill All Hippies - Primal Scream. Its a easy one for me, taken from a great album: XTMNTR. If you like this track then have a listen to that album, well worth it. Heavy heavy indie. Excellent opening track too.

Bring Me Back A Dog - IAMX. Completely new to me, there's something about the unusual rhythm going on here, sort of reminds me of dubstep, but quicker and with real instruments. One of those tracks that feels unresolved in someway, so you have to keep listening to it to try and work out what it is. But you never do, repeat-repeat-repeat, etc etc etc.

Sick - Sneaker Pimps. I imagine most of the members of the Circle only know the Sneaker Pimps from there mid 90s mainstream tracks (6 Underground and Spin Spin Sugar) I know I do, this was another new one to me. There is something strangely familiar about it for some reason, was it in a film or on an advert or something? I like.

p.s. I've just found out that IAMX is a side project by the guy from the Sneaker Pimps, which makes sense.

p.p.s Mark please move this to VIRB, this blogspot stuff isn't doing the mighty Circle justice. Thanks.


Like Matt, I too was faced with the cut, tear or peel question... which initially made me read the track list whilst I considered how I was going to proceed. I initially went for cut (keep it neat) but then switched the other way deciding that as it was, it had to be torn. My choices for favorite tracks went through much the same process.

I initially had a top 3 that seemed to come easily to me... but after a few more listens my mind changed - In fact, I really like most of the songs.

1. Joanna Newsom - Peach, Plum, Pear
I Really like this song. I have the album and really, really like this song. I initially didn't want to list it as I already knew it - but I'm listening to it now and it is such a beautiful tune it has to make the Three. I've battled with this.

2.The Human Beinz - Nobody but me
I wasn't particularly taken with this at first - my reaction was that it just wouldn't make my top three. But the more I have listened to the CD I have become really taken with it... firstly it kind of reminds me of listening to my parents record collection when I was little, secondly the intro is really nice and dark, bassy and driving. Thirdly, just the singing - bit of boasting, bit of backing - it's like rapping. Except with quiffs instead of guns. I want to Shinga-ling.

3. Sneaker Pimps - Sick
I am an IAMX (Chris Corner) fan - who previous to IAMX took over from the singer in Sneaker Pimps. I looked into this, and it turns out a few SP fans weren't that taken - personally I didn't like the Sneaker Pimps (spin sugar era), which is maybe why I like this song particularly: Because I didn't expect to. He has a fascinating and fragile voice with a British twang and it works really well with the SP sound. I really like the IAMX track on this CD too.

I know and like the bjork song - but this remix is brilliant.

The clash song has great lyrics.

What is nice about this album is that it is a really clear representation of Jamie. When I made my CD I was trying to show a eclectic interest - the songs on this CD feel really tied together, but yet are so different in many ways. This could be a soundtrack - a soundtrack I can now share - cos I got a spare CD. Great Idea.

David Underwood said...

another eclctic mix of music... thanks

as far as giving a top three goes:

kill all hippies- primal scream
fantastic opener for both this and the xtrntr album. as with alot of their tracks it is filled with snippets of iconic film speak...

the ride- alec empire
alot more accessable than alot of his other stuff... synth driven menace

kung fu fightin'- nigo
japanese fashion designers weird vanity project brought to us by mo wax... gold- nice finish

Jon said...

Circle 03
I cut. I did not peel. I didn't need sleeve notes to tell me what needed to be done. And let me tell you, it felt good to hold that knife again.

– It's interesting that we seemed to have been faced with the same dilemma.

This Circle thing is working out well, I'm writing having already received Septembers, lots of music that wouldn't normally listen to selected by someone who would.