17 December 2007

Circle Dec. Circle—December


Mr Ned Selby said...

Thanking Matt for a well designed and pleasantly eclectic mix. I was initially unsure how I would feel about a mixed Circle, but I think this has worked well - it simply wouldn't be the same un-mixed.

This has been playing in my house a lot over the holidays, which has resulted in one criticism - the label is slightly misapplied and it therefore emits a high pitched whirring sound as it spins - is this another level of sound experimentation I wonder, or was Mr Cooper just tired...? Don't worry Matt, I don't mind. It's on iTunes now anyway.

Don't have the CD with me now so top 3 would be difficult, but I love the music from "The Taking of Pelham 123". Took me a while to place it on the first listen, but that is a top film, with a fine score.

Good work.

And happy new year everyone.

Amy said...

Impressed purely by the amount of tracks initially, that and the Pearl and Dean cinema intro music!! Great to hear such an eclectic mix, thank you!

My TOP 3 are:

- Ernie K-Doe : Here Come the Girls
Jump up and sing indeed! Love this.

-MIA : Galang
Been listening to Bamboo Banga of late and this was only the second track I've listened to of hers, liking her more and more...

- Man Like Me : Oh My Gosh
like the arcade game melody and the snare-u-like drum machine, sounds quite raw.

And always liked Mr.Eno. Didn't the main guy from Man Like Me go to school with Lily and Dot? I think he supported Lily Allen at her first ever gig in Notting Hill Arts Club. Ah those were the days.